Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant


 A1: Hiyayakko   5.50
Cold Tofu with ginger scallions

A2: Edamame   5.00
Steamed podded soybeans with salt

A3: Marinated Baby Octopus   6.75

A4: Spicy Tuna or Salmon   7.50
with original spicy sesame oil sauce. Add avocado 1.00

A5: Age Dashi Tofu   6.75

A6: Calamari and Asparagus sauteed in butter   9.50

A7: Shumai   6.75
Steamed shrimp dumplings

A8: Vegetable Spring Roll   4.50 

A9: Gyoza   6.50
Japanese dumpling with soy vinaigrette sauce

A10: Yakitori   7.00
Grilled Chicken Skewers with teriyaki sauce

A11: Karaage   7.25
Deep fried chicken, flavored with a garlic & ginger sauce

A12: Soft Shell Crab   10.50
Fried soft shell Crab with Ponzu sauce

A13: Tuna Tataki   13.00
Seared tuna with *Ponzu sauce or a *Carpaccio sauce for .75

A14: Calamari Tempura   9.50

A15: Hamachi Kama   MP 
Broiled yellowtail jaw

*Ponzu sauce is a mixture of soy sauce and a seasoned vinaigrette with a citrus flavor.
*Carpaccio sauce is a soysauce, seasane oil, sake, schicimi, and garlic.


 A16: Sashimi Appetizer   15.00
7 pieces of sashimi (tuna, albacore, salmon)

A17 Temura Appetizer   9.50
2 pieces of shrimp & assorted vegetables
(zucchini, green pepper, broccoli, sweet potato)

A18: Sushi Appetizer   11.50
5 pcs of sushi (tuna, albacore, salmon, shrimp, krab stick)

A19: Vegetable Tempura   8.50
Assorted 5 vegetable (zucchini, green pepper, broccoli, sweet potatoes


SP1: Miso Soup…………………………..”MISO” is soybean paste, tofu, and Scallion with seaweed inside  3.00
SP2: Clear Soup…………………………..Tempura crunchy, mushroom and scallion in fresh broth                3.00

SP3: Udon Soup…….................………Udon noodles in Japanese steaming broth, crunchy tempura &                                                                                                                                                   scallions on top     9.50
SP4: Shrimp Tempura Udon Soup…………..2 pieces of shrimp tempura on top of udon noodle soup           12.00


SD1: Garden Salad   8.00
Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot with an original “EN” home made ginger dressing

SD2: Seaweed Kaiso Salad   5.50
Seasoned seaweed

SD3: Calamari Salad   6.50
Calamari with seasoned sesame seed, vinegar, soy sauce, and kikurage mushrooms

SD4: Seafood Salad   13.50
Assorted seafood mixed in seaweed, romaine lettuce, asparagus, tomato, cucumber, and carrot
with a home made ginger dressing

SD5: Sunomono Salad   11.75
Shrimp, Krab stick, Albacore, and Surf Clam with sliced cucumber & seaweed, dressed with a sweet vinaigrette.

Side Dishes

S1: Rice Steamed white rice 2.50
S2: Side Salad 3.75
S3: Sushi Rice 2.75

Dinner Entree’s

Dinner is served with a choice of soup (miso or clear) and a small salad.
Steamed rice comes with all dinners except Sushi & Donburi.


                                                                                                                 Dinner              A La Carte

C1: Chicken Teriyaki                                                                                                           

          Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce                                                               18                      14

C2: Chicken Katsu

          Chicken cutlet served with tonkatsu dipping sauce                                      18                      14

C3: Chicken Tempura

                                                                                                           18                      14

          Chicken & assorted vegetables (zucchini, green pepper, broccoli, sweet potatoes)


                                                                                                           Dinner                            A la Carte

B1: Beef Teriyaki                                                                    24                               20

10 oz. Grilled NY strip loin steak with teriyaki sauce

B2: Beef Ginger Steak                                                      24                               20
10 oz Grilled NY strip loin steak with homemade soy ginger sauce


P1: Pork Ginger                                                                         20                                16
Sliced broiled pork tenderloin with homemade ginger wine sauce

P2: Pork Katsu                                                                           20                               16
Pork tenderloin cutlet served with tonkatsu dipping sauce


F1: Grilled Mackerel                                                                   19                                15
Salted grilled Mackerel with daikon radish

F2: Grilled Salmon Teriyaki                                                  21                                17
Grilled Salmon steak with Teriyaki sauce

F3: Seafood Tempura                                                                   23                                18
4 pcs of shrimp, tilapia and squid & assorted vegetables

(zucchini, green pepper, broccoli, sweet potatoes)


                                                                                                                   Dinner                        A la Carte

SD1: Sushi Dinner Deluxe                                                             30.00                           26.00
8 pcs of sushi & choice of a spicy tuna or california roll
(tuna, albacore, yellow tail, salmon, shrimp, escolar “white tuna”, squid, octopus)

                                                                                                            Dinner                               A la Carte

SD2: Sashimi Dinner     
                                                  39.00                                       35.00
14 pcs of sashimi (tuna, albacore, salmon, octopus, squid, yellowtail, escolar white tuna)

Sushi and Sashimi Combination
                                                                                                                    Dinner                            A la Carte

SD3: Sushi & Sashimi Dinner                                          33.00                             29.00
5 pcs of sushi (tuna, yellowtail, squid, escolar “white tuna”) & choice of a spicy tuna or California roll & 6 pcs of sashimi (tuna, albacore, salmon)


                                                                                                                   Dinner                             A la Carte

DN1:  Chirashi Deluxe (Jo)                                                    27.00                                  24.00
Assorted fresh fish (Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, conch, squid, octopus, smelt roe, conch)

on top of sushi rice
DN2:  Una-Jyu                                                                                  30.00                                   27.00
Grilled eel with sweet BBQ sauce on top of steamed rice
DN3:  Ten Jyu (Shrimp Tempura-Don)                            18.00                                 15.00
Deep batter fried tempura shrimp with sweet sauce on top of steamed rice
DN4:  Tekka-Don                                                                       23.00                                   20.00
Fresh tuna fish on top of sushi rice, scattered dried seaweed on top
DN5:  Salmon & Ikura -Don                                                       27.00                                 24.00
Fresh sliced salmon and salmon roe on top of sushi rice


Raw food may cause severe illness and even death in persons who have liver disease, cancer or other illnesses that can weaken the immune system. If you eat raw food and become ill, you should seek immediate medical attention.
If you are unsure if you are at risk, you should consult your physician.Women who are pregnant are advised not to consume raw foods.

Special orders, extra sauce, and substitution of items may result in additional charges.

Prices are subject to change to maintain freshness and quality.

Pick up by Delivery companies will be charged additional 10% fee.