Dine in or Carry Out.

  Come and experience fresh sushi and sashimi prepared by chef Hiroshi Shikano. Sushi EN's surroundings make for a relaxing and warm atmosphere by using contemporary music and colors. We offer a full array of time honored dishes such as Chicken and Beef Teriyaki,Tempura, and more. You and your friends can also enjoy a number of Imported Japanese
beers and sakes.

100% Inspection Score

To our faithful customers and friends. After over 19 years, Sushi En’s last day will be Sunday October 9th. We have been very honored to serve you and this community. Thank you so very much for being grateful customers as always. What an amazing experience with all of you through years!!!!!

Please send your name, phone number and email address so we can contact you for any future news if we reopen, here is chef Hiroshi’s email address. hiroshisushien@gmail.com

We wish you good health and the best of luck!!!

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